Finding an Answer to the Anger

I’ve written (and written and written) about Eli’s anger, sorry if you’re sick of it.  I am too, honestly.  But praise God – we’ve found answers!

After a particularly rough patch with Eli, our pediatrician recommended moving from seeing a counselor to a child psychiatrist.  We went, he listened, and very quickly and confidently said Eli has ADD (not ADHD), it’s 90% chemical, and he was on the wrong medication.  “Get him on the new meds and you’ll see a difference in two hours.”

I was elated, Chad was skeptical – spot on for both of us.  We ended up increasing his dosage twice and I can’t believe I get to tell you that my boy is back.  He is sweet, helpful, compliant, relationally aware, and happy.  Oh Jesus, thank you.

If there was any question that his meds were working, let me tell you.  Last week our doctor suggested we take him off the meds on the weekend to make sure he’s not losing weight.  Sweet and helpful turned into, “Stop controlling my life, jerk!”  So we will buy him protein shakes.

2 thoughts on “Finding an Answer to the Anger

  1. Bless you for continuing to look for a solution for him and overcoming your pride and seeking help before he thought he was a “bad” boy. I’ve seen too many prideful parents ignore the symptoms, watching both families and the child suffer needlessly. Bravo to you and Chad!

    1. Thank you, Patty! You’re always so encouraging, I really appreciate it 🙂 It hasn’t been an easy road, but we certainly want to do what’s best for him, and sooner than later!

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