Our First Homeschool Christmas Break

First let me tell you that when we were a public school family, I fell into the “go back to school” camp during any kind of break.  So I wasn’t sure how our first Christmas break would go this time around, now that we homeschool.

Much to the dismay of my children, we did school the first three days of “break”, because we don’t have to follow the school schedule.  Or so I’m trying to tell  them.  Then we traveled to see family for 4.5 days.  Then we were sloths for a week.  By Friday the second week of break I was done.  I kept thinking Go back to school.  But what I realized was that I didn’t want them to literally go back to school, I wanted US to go back to school.  I wanted the routine.  We need something to do everyday – a reason to actually get dressed and eat breakfast before it’s technically considered lunch.

Maybe that was the issue all those years – I just needed the routine of school, not just for them to be out of the house?  I don’t know.

Here’s what I do know.  For years I told Chad that he couldn’t convince me to homeschool, but God would have to.  He would have to put a hole in my head (look up the history of Mont St Michel) and be super clear about it.  I guess that’s what He did, because we’re doing it and we love it.