30 Days Free From Facebook

I decided to log off of Facebook for 30 days this fall.  I was hesitant – What if I miss important life events?  What if there is news?  How will I know what’s going on?

When I logged back on, I discovered I hadn’t really missed anything.  At all.  Don’t hate me – your lives are important to me.  But the conversations I got to have with some of you were better I think because I hadn’t been keeping up on your lives via the internet.  I didn’t already know what you did last weekend.  Instead we got to actually TALK about it.  Crazy, right?

And I got to miss out on national not-news, like some stupid red cup nonsense?  Honestly, I don’t look to Starbucks to let me know that it’s Christmas, and that Jesus was born.  That’s not their job.  Get ready…Starbucks isn’t a Christian company.  We shouldn’t expect them to act like one.  Phew.  Moving on.

So now that the 30 days are over, I’m back on Facebook.  I haven’t deactivated my account.  I do have friends and family that are far away and I don’t get to see them often so Facebook allows me to “see” what they’re up to.  But I check it maybe twice a day, and I’ve turned off the notifications on my phone.  It’s amazing.

There’s my snarky update 🙂  I recommend taking the break and finding out where Facebook ranks on your priority list.  It was way too high on mine, I’m so happy to kick it down a few notches.

2 thoughts on “30 Days Free From Facebook

  1. Hi Janna! I just stumbled upon your blog. I hear you about taking a break from FB. To many, it seems like a lifeline. For me personally, it actually really stressed me out knowing everyone’s business. I took a break from it when I realized that it was taking me away from just being present in my children’s lives. I then took a break and then loved it so much, I deactivated my account! Anyway, keep up the great writing and God bless.

    1. Hi, Dani! Thank you for your comment! It’s amazing how freeing it can be, isn’t it? I’m glad you loved your break. Thanks for reading!

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