Which battles do I choose?

I haven’t written in a while.  This season we’re in calls for seeking advice rather than giving any.  I feel steeped in “Do I choose THIS battle?”, quite similarly to when I had three preschoolers.  Now, however, there are three teenagers who are suddenly my size.  I no longer squat down to look them in the eye.  Instead, I notice their eyes are quite level with my own.

Let me first say that my kids are amazing.  They are fun, funny, responsible, kind, respectful, and polite.  I don’t have much to complain about.

In spite of this, they are also teenagers who are doing their job – pushing boundaries, questioning authority, inserting opinions and independence, and rolling those lovely brown eyes.  Most days, the question in my head is, “Do I choose THIS battle?”  I can’t choose them all.  I don’t want to choose them all.  I want them to learn for themselves – how to fall and how to get back up.

Chad and I regularly repeat to ourselves, “Love God, love others.”  It’s so simple, and it’s so hard.  Side note: Jesus doesn’t say agree with others.  He doesn’t say condone others’ behavior.  He also doesn’t say condemn others’ behavior.  Just love them.

I’m working on applying this to my children.  If they are acting in opposition to one of these two biblical commands, I will choose those battles.  I need to constantly, intentionally, look to Jesus for my example.  He always has one for me.  And I am thankful.