Ode to a Shower

Our home has always been loud.  From having three in diapers to now three (almost) tweens.  We’ve got some volume going on.

On a not unrelated note, these children have never been allowed in the bathroom with us.  There needs to be one place I can go, in my home, alone, and experience some quietness.

The shower.  Oh the shower.

I don’t just listen to music in the shower, I will spend as much as five minutes choosing just the right playlist for my mood.  Oldies?  Led Zeppelin?  The Head and the Heart?  Let iTunes decide?  Gah, let me look again.  Generally speaking, my showers only last for three songs, so I’ve got to make it count.

For that 10 minutes, I hear nothing but the water and my music.  The children know not to disturb me.  No one needs me.  And it is magic.

Go, mommas.  Find your magical quiet and sit in it.  Soak in it.  Breathe it in.  And then step forth into another day.  You’re doing a great job.