Asthma & Slippery Slopes

I’ve had asthma since I was 10.  Exercise-induced asthma, to be specific.  I’ve seen a handful of doctors, owned 2 nebulizers, countless inhalers, had a few ER visits.  My solution: no running.  Everything is fine if I don’t run.

Earlier this month I decided to try out “Couch to 5k”, not because I want to run a 5k, but because I want to be stronger and healthier.  And, let’s be honest, I want my will to beat my body on this one.  (I tried once before and failed miserably)  This time would be different.  This time WILL be different.  I went to my doctor and explained it all.  Armed with a steroid inhaler to use twice a day, singular to take at bedtime, a rescue inhaler to use before running, and continuing acid reflux medicine, I have successfully completed 8 runs (by “run” I mean intermittent walking and jogging).  What’s even MORE exciting is that I can BREATHE.  I didn’t know how limited my lung capacity was before.  I ask Chad regularly, “Is this how normal people breathe?  EVERY DAY?!”  Yes, Janna.  Normal people can breathe.

Today I wondered if this wasn’t similar to sin.  The constant, every day, little by little.  The slippery slope sins.  Those sneaky little buggers that convince you to push your boundary a little farther.  Then all of a sudden you realize you need to get some help – to be stronger and healthier.   You need to explain it all, shed some light on it.  Then let God clean out the dark, messy places in our hearts.  Then one day you’ll realize just how much better you can breathe.  You’ll look back and wonder at how you didn’t know just how bad it was.  It was gradual.  That’s how.

I encourage you to consider what might need to be cleaned out in your heart, in your spirit.  The work is so very worth it.  Being stronger, healthier, closer to God – they’re worth it.