The Day I Said “Yes” to Homeschooling

First I have to go back about two years.  Chad brought up the idea of homeschooling, which began the biggest fight we’ve ever had in our marriage, and it lasted about three weeks.  We then decided to never talk about it again.

I then was a substitute teacher for two years, and told Chad I might be capable of homeschooling, but still not willing.  Two very different feelings.  He smiled and nodded.

This summer I told Chad I might consider homeschooling in two years, when Grace would be going into high school and Ada would be done at our elementary school (which I deeply love).  He smiled and nodded.

And then, our school district decided to turn the transportation system upside down.  I get it, budgets needs to be adjusted.  Here is where my problem was.  Last year, Grace rode the bus from her middle school to the elementary school where Eli and Ada were, and where I was working.  This year, all children have to ride the bus home.  No exceptions.  Our children have never been “ride the bus home”children.  They don’t have keys or phones.  And we aren’t ready to jump to that stage.


I panicked and prayed (in that order, sadly), and made phone calls asking for help.  The day before school was to start, Chad laughed and asked if we should just start homeschooling now.  And I said yes.  Yes we should.  This solves everything.  So we did!

So commenced the scrambling to find math books, science units, history lessons, literature books, Bible, writing, French.  What does the library offer? What does Science Central offer? What about field trips? How do I make my head stop spinning?

And that’s how we started.  I’ll write later about where we are today.

6 thoughts on “The Day I Said “Yes” to Homeschooling

  1. I’m so happy you said YES to homeschooling! Happy to have you on the ride with us. It’s never perfect, but it’s always beautiful. <3

  2. Sometimes we say a lot of “no” and “never” before we have a change of heart. I know I did! I’m so glad you “joined my crazy” which is what I endearingly call my homeschool life. It is not easy but so worth it…or, at least I hope so 🙂

  3. I’ll be looking forward to the next installment. Due to my son’s health issues (read: bullying) there may come a time I need to homeschool, or at least online homeschool. I’m very much at the “we aren’t taking about it” stage… But it’s something we keep in mind.
    The camp where my husband works hosts homeschool groups for outdoor education days. I hope you are pleasantly surprised what you find.

    1. Oh Brittany, I’m so sorry you’re dealing with bullying! How scary for your family. I hope you’re able to find a solution to that, homeschooling or not. I have indeed been pleasantly surprised with all that Fort Wayne has to offer! We have quite the town here 🙂

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