Our Home Systems

I really love systems.  Stop laughing, Chad. I like to know that there is a plan, if you are not on board I will tie you to the boat.  Enjoy the ride.

I may have reached the systems limit in our home.

Me: We’re going to have a new system for screen time.
Ada: AH!  No more systems!  It’s too much!  We have a chore system.  A point system.  We have to earn money.  We have to do homework.  I can’t handle anymore!
Me: Would you like to hear my system BEFORE you have a freak out?

Morning System
I get up at 6 and get ready to go in case I get called to sub.
Grace gets up at 6:30.  I cook her one scrambled egg and toast (her choice).  We leave at 7 for middle school.
Eli and Ada get up sometime, I start feeding them and have them get dressed, Chad continues the process at 7 while I take Grace to school.
At 7:25 I return, then take one of the two remaining children to a before-school music class.  Chad leaves.
At 7:45 I return, have 10 minutes if I’m subbing, 45 minutes if I’m not.
At 8:30 I take the third child to school.
(I know this isn’t anything new to some of you, and some might think this looks like a breeze.  We’re still sorting it out.)

Point/Chore/Money System
It’s my favorite thing ever.  Just here.
Point System – school
chore chart

Screen Time System
No more screen time in the morning.  They don’t hear my voice, and the TV has some sort of freeze ray capability preventing any child who walks by to get dressed from actually walking by.  They stop dead in their tracks and now we’re late.
After school they have to finish homework and chores before screen time.  If they want to play outside for two hours, eat supper, THEN do their responsibilities, so be it.  But no screen time, and it’s not my fault.  Eli has started to do chores before school from preventing this from happening ever again :)

I’m really not trying to overwhelm the little people in my home, but I just don’t know how to get 5 people fed and out the door at their respective times without systems.  I just don’t.  Either I will create adults who love systems, or rock in the fetal position at the mention.  And I will save up for more therapy sessions.

One more thing.  I’m not pushing my systems on anyone, just sharing what’s working in our home right now.  Well, what’s working for me :)