The Defiance of a Rule-Follower

Ada is, by nature, a rule-follower.  She knows the rules, expects everyone to follow them, but also knows how to find the loopholes.  She isn’t often defiant because she knows when she’s lost an argument.  She is rational, which really makes her an easy 8-year-old.

However, she is still an 8-year-old.

When Ada has had enough and chooses to no longer be rational, her defiance shows up by choosing to do nothing.  She doesn’t speak, doesn’t move, literally does nothing – as evidenced by this photo:

onetiredmommaShe was mad about something, who can remember, and didn’t want to walk home.  Her choices were to walk or be carried.  She neither spoke nor moved, so I picked her up as she was and carried her.  Just like this.

I suppose we all have days like this – we get mad to the point of silence and refuse to budge.  Hopefully we all have someone who will carry us home whether we like it or not.