Open House – Officially Starting Middle School

Tonight was yet another first for me in this parenting gig: middle school open house.  Allow me to set the scene…

The gym was set up with tables around the perimeter with each elective, club, sport, and music option represented.  They each had a teacher or coach, and an information sheet available for the students.  After making the round, a current 6th grader took you on a tour of the 2nd floor, which is almost exclusively used by 6th graders.

Here is what I learned tonight…

She gets to start choosing the smaller paths of her life.  I let Grace take the lead, checking out the tables that were available, and choosing which ones she would stop at to investigate further.  She wants to join the swim team.  I had no idea.  She’s super pumped about the foreign language elective.  Again – no idea.  Letting her float around to what interested her was such an amazing discovery about her.

She is n-e-r-v-o-u-s.  At her own school, she is bubbly and chatty and little miss social butterfly.  Tonight she barely spoke, and when she did it was almost audible.  Most of her speaking was to say hi to a friend, which was quite honestly one of the best parts of the evening – she got to see just how many of her friends would be at school with her next year!  I am thankful for that.

I’m thankful for this subbing opportunity I’ve had.  A few teachers tonight recognized me and said hello, which immediately made me feel better as a momma.  Maybe Grace will have a small connection to these teachers in the fall.  Having your child be known is so powerful.

So here we go, she will be starting middle school in less than 4 months.  Inhale, exhale, repeat.