First Day of School Anxiety

As parents I think we sometimes get so busy down in the trenches of where we are currently that we forget to stand up and take a look around.  Right now Grace is in a rough patch, and if I stay down in this trench parenting her it can feel like we don’t make any progress.

Last night I was thinking back to last summer when she was filled with first day of school anxiety: starting a new year with a new teacher, new classroom, and potentially all new kids.  I had to take her in to meet her teacher before the first day of school so she could find out whether or not the teacher was nice.  She saw the class roster to find out whether or not she had friends in her class.  There were just too many unknowns for her to step into the first day of 4th Grade confidently, but this class visit remedied that for her.

This year, we are 12 days from the first day of school and she has none of these anxieties. I didn’t realize that until I stepped back from the day-to-day raw emotions of my newly minted 10-year-old.  I needed a new perspective.  She IS making progress with her anxiety.  Thank you, Lord, for showing me!