Am I the Only One?

Seriously…am I the only one

  • whose children fight all the time?
  • whose son rolls his eyes at any simple request, like “Pick up your shoes from in front of the fridge”?
  • whose preteen rides her bike just past her boundary so she can sit in someone else’s yard and cry because you’re the worst mom in the world? (because I made her wear her bike helmet that she decided she no longer likes)
  • whose children wrestle anywhere and everywhere, including in the street if that’s where it takes them?
  • who has been counting down to the first day of school?
  • who swears the last week of summer vacation slows to an inconceivable pace?
  • who really, really wants to do this parenting gig well but just can’t seem to get any traction?
  • who has all of these in just one day?

I’m sure I’m not the only one, but when I can’t see anyone else on my street chasing after an errant daughter, and when I can’t see any other children running away from home…it’s hard to stop the self-talk.

But I will continue to do my part, even when it’s hard and I’m exhausted.  I will keep my calm voice (and when I can’t I will walk away).  I will offer natural consequences (when I can think of them…).  I will rely on Chad to help me when I am empty.  I will lean on God, knowing that He created these children and knows them and loves them.

And I will remember that school starts in 5 days.