Wednesday Wit: September 5, 2012

At a friend’s house for dinner, from the kids’ table we hear a loud burp followed by lots of laughter.
Friend: That’s not how we behave at the table.
Eli:  Crazy loud hand fart.
Right on cue, boy.

Ada comes to the car after school with what looks like a big bun in her hair.
Ada: Mom, look at my hair!
Me: Is that a knot, or a bun?
Ada: It’s not a knot.  Haha, get it?  It’s NOT a KNOT??
Me: Yes.  Where did you get the rubberband?
Ada: I made it out of my hair!
Me: Right, so that’s a knot.
Commence 15 minutes of brushing out the not-knot.

Ada: Do we still have a burn ban?
Me: Shaking head.
Ada: Do you mean you don’t know?
Me: No, I mean no.
Ada: But we had a fire. Constant confusion…
Me: We don’t have a burn ban.
Ada: Will we have a burn ban again?
Me: Only if there is a drought again.
Ada: By the way, when you say that word drought, I was wondering what that means.
I really, really love the way she speaks.