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Wednesday Wit: May 1, 2013

Eli was doing his nightly duty of sweeping the dining room
Eli: Mom, I feel like I’m almost ready to have kids.
Me: What does it mean to be ready to have kids?
Eli: Well, I mean I want to be responsible and learn how to do a lot of jobs.
Me: Awesome, buddy.  I’m glad you want to be responsible.
Eli: Can you teach me how to make scrambled eggs?
Me: Yes.
Eli: Tomorrow morning?
Me: Yes.
Who knew sweeping the floor and making scrambled eggs were two essential components of being prepared for parenthood.

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Wednesday Wit: April 24, 2013

I love how my children seem to have so much knowledge on so many subjects, especially their own personal history.  I try not to correct them, but just listen and nod and stifle my laughs.  Last night at dinner Grace informed me that when she was 4 her hair was VERY long, like all the way down her back.

No, dear.  When you were 4 you did this…



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Wednesday Wit: April 11, 2013

Ada: When I honk my bicycle horn in my ear it doesn’t hurt because it makes my ear numb.

Ada: Is this a bicycle horn, or an ah horn?
Me: What?
Ada: An ah horn?
Me: What’s that?
Ada: You know.  That’s the sound it makes.  It goes, “AAAHHHH” when you squeeze it.

Ada: We went to two grocery stores.  Or…. dos markets.
Me: Is that the spanish word for grocery store?
Ada: I do not know.

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Wednesday Wit: Greatest Hits Vol. 1

I spent a Saturday reading through all of my old Wednesday Wit posts, and it was such a great time!  I thought I would share my favorite oldies.  There are a lot though, so there will have to be a few posts 🙂

From Summer 2010
Me: Ada, your clothes don’t match.
Ada: They don’t care.

Ada: These are my Monday clothes, and tomorrow I’ll wear my Tuesday clothes.
Me: But today is Tuesday.
Ada: Well the calendar got ahead of me, but that’s ok.

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Wednesday Wit: March 6, 2013

Ada: Daddy, did I eat enough supper?
Chad: I don’t know, is your tummy full?
Ada: I have this much soup left.
Chad: That’s not what I asked.  Is it satiated?
Ada: (Nodding) She ated.
I think she heard, “Did it say she ated?”

Me: Ada, please take your juice to the dining room.  Red juice can’t be on the couch.
Ada: Oh!  I get it.  Because it stings.

Ada: So Grandma and Grandpa live in the country, so that means there are no United States flags?
Me: No.  The live in THE country, not in ANOTHER country. (skipping Read the rest

Wednesday Wit: February 27, 2013

Chad has been explaining omnivore, herbivore, and carnivore.
Chad: So Ada, you’re an omnivore.
Ada: Actually, I’m a candysaurus.
Oh right, the fourth option.

Eli is doing his 20 minutes of reading for daily homework…
Chad: What did you just read about?
Eli: Why do you keep asking me that?  Why can’t you just trust me that I’m reading?
Chad: “Trust, but verify.”  Wisdom from Ronald Reagan.
Ladies and gentlemen, my husband 🙂

Ada: That’s the one where Mater’s in Tokoyo.
Grace: Tokyo.
Ada: Tokoyo.
Again, she likes to be right.  Even when she’s not.



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Wednesday Wit: February 6, 2013

Ada: When I get married, I am going to wear a dress with long sleeves since it will be cold outside.
Me: Are you getting married in the winter?
Ada: Yes.  I want to get married on my birthday.
Me: Ah.  Don’t you have to ask Ezra? (the boy she is planning to marry)
Ada: I did.  I asked him to marry me, and he said yes.
Me: I mean, you have to ask him WHEN he wants to get married.  What if he wants to get married on HIS birthday?
Ada: Oh.  Well maybe I should wait to decide … Read the rest