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Wednesday Wit: April 23, 2014

This is a worksheet that Ada brought home from school…

What’s bugging you at school?
What really bugs me at school is that we have to stay at school for one hundred eighty days and we are only at the one hundred forty-sixth day!

What’s bugging you at home?
The thing that bugs me every day at home I have to deal with the two littler kids who argues about who plays with me! (We have two neighbors who don’t really get along)

What’s bugging you in the world?
What really bothers me in the world is that people do … Read the rest

Wednesday Wit: September 18, 2013

Chad made a fart sound with his mouth…
Chad: Did you hear mom?  Oh my goodness!
Ada: Nuh-uh, mom would NEVER fart like that.  But I would.  I have!
There’s no parenting in a situation like that, just lots of laughing.

Chad found a hidden stash of popcorn in Grace’s room, then later…
Grace: I need a drink of water.  There’s something stuck in my throat.
Chad: Like popcorn?
Grace: Probably.

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Wednesday Wit: July 31, 2013

Ada: I wish I was Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony.
Chad: So you would eat hay?
Ada: No.  Dad….
Chad: Would you poop in the street?
Ada: DAD!  No!  Ugh… Dang it.

Me: Eli, do you think you can find something to do that won’t get you in trouble? (after a long talk about terrorizing his sisters)
Eli: I don’t know….probably not.


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Wednesday Wit: July 24, 2013

I’ve been alone with Ada this week…

Ada: I wish Grace and I were twins.  Then we would have the same birthday, the same color eyes, dress the same, and wear the same headdresses.
Me: What’s a headdress? (curious if she actually knew)
Ada: It’s a dress.
Me: Oh.
Ada: Wait, wait, wait.  It’s what you wear in your hair.

After shopping at Target for her 7 1/2 birthday party since I can’t get my act together for a Christmas-time party
Ada: I think I should try this out.
Me: The birthday sash?… Read the rest

Wednesday Wit: July 3, 2013

Ada: I saw an angel-winged monkey dressed like a janitor!  You do not see that every day.
(on the cover of Oz: The Great and Powerful)

Ada: What’s that Chinese chicken called again?
Me: Mongolian beef?
Ada: Yeah!  Can you make that tomorrow night?

Reading the nutrition label on her cereal the morning after vomiting…
Ada: I feel like I haven’t been eating enough fiber.  Maybe that’s why I got sick.


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Wednesday Wit: June 5, 2013

Ada: I didn’t know women could ride motorcycles, especially grandmas!  But I just saw…a old lady…riding a motorcycle.

Grace: Eli, gross!
Eli: What?  I ate a donut fast today.  And when I eat fast I get burpy.

Eli: I need to let out some urine.
And with that I called Chad to meet me at the second grocery store on my list of errands to take the boy home.

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