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Cultivating Confidence

We are into the school year now, and learning how to swim in this middle school pool we find ourselves in.  Grace’s anxiety was beginning to show as the first day drew nearer as evidenced by her increasing silence whenever school was mentioned.

We went to the 6th grade “Transition Day” where she had the opportunity to meet her two core teachers, see some of the students who would be in her classes (many of whom she knew from elementary school), and practice her locker combination.  And practice, and practice, and practice.  This day was immensely helpful!

One thing we’ve … Read the rest

Fruits of the Spirit {gentleness}

Moving through the Fruits of the Spirit, we are now at Gentleness.  I’ve recently discovered Chad’s Bible Encyclopedias.  I’m so thankful for his Bible degree…

“Brothers and sisters, if someone is caught in a sin, you who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently.” Galatians 6:1

“But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord.  Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.  But do this with gentleness and respect.” 1 Peter 3:15

Babies need to be treated with gentleness, just notice next time you’re … Read the rest

Patience in Parenting

Let’s jump in, shall we?

Grace: Mom, Eli said, “What the h-e-l-l.”
Me: Did you say it or spell it? (Does it matter?)
Eli: I said it.
Me: OK.  Well you will not be participating in the sleepover tonight with your sisters, and you’re getting pepper in your mouth.
Eli: I’m not putting one grain of that pepper in my mouth.
Me: Would you like to try that again?

And now to summon up all the patience in parenting I can muster….

Eli silently comes over and opens his mouth for the pepper.  He then goes upstairs, yells, and slams … Read the rest

Fruits of the Spirit {goodness}

In the list of Fruits of the Spirit, goodness is the one that is giving me the most trouble.  Every time I try to define it, I realize I’m instead defining one of the other fruits.  I should probably look in the Bible and see what help it can offer.

“…make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge…” 2 Peter 1:5 (NIV)

“Good” seems so relative.  What tastes good, what smells good, what looks good, what’s considered good behavior.  All of this is opinion-based.

According to 2 Peter, goodness is part of a sequence of … Read the rest

Anything But Ordinary With Hearts at Home


This month, Hearts at Home is asking us to “love our ordinary.”


That’s not always such a pleasant word, especially when we let it land on our own hearts.  What if we took a good, hard look at what we consider to be “ordinary” in our lives, and relabeled it?  Got a different perspective?  Climbed out of the everyday for a moment, and saw a bigger picture?

This is something that I’ve struggled with throughout my life as a mom.  The laundry basket that is never, ever empty.  The counter that always has dishes.  The people that are always … Read the rest

When Expectations are Wrong

My oldest was at middle school camp last week with our church youth group.  It was her first time at THIS camp, she has been to elementary camp the three years prior.  While she was away I was pouring through the pictures, searching for one of her smiling face.  I didn’t see her, didn’t see her, didn’t see her.  I finally got one of her in a canoe.

As we picked her up and drove home, she started telling us about her amazing week away – the worship, the messages, her counselors, the friends she had made.  I tried to … Read the rest

Taking Off Pride

My small group is currently reading through Jill Savage’s No More Perfect Moms, and it’s really, really good.  Except Chapter Two.  Chapter Two kicked me in the gut.

Chapter Two is where God showed me that I am a prideful parent.

My kids wouldn’t get away with acting like that.
I would handle that situation differently.
I would handle that situation better.

I know, you’re probably wondering what took me so long to realize I have an issue with pride.  I’m also stubborn.

It kicked me in the gut, and I think God let me marinate in that … Read the rest

Fear on My Child’s Face

I hate seeing fear on my children’s faces.  When it storms, when there’s a big dog, when they were little and they couldn’t find me… it hurts my heart.

But.  There is absolutely nothing worse in the world than seeing fear on my child’s face and knowing it’s because I’m yelling at my child.

I used to yell a lot.  I just snapped all the time.  Grievances big and small, legitimate or small kid stuff, it didn’t matter.  I snapped.  I didn’t have the margin in my life (mentally or emotionally) to handle it in an appropriate way, and I … Read the rest

Summer Schedule 2.0

Already.  I know.

But we’ve been reading the Money Smart Family System (and you can find more at their website, and will be implementing it this summer.  This includes chore charts and point systems, and I wanted to incorporate this into the summer schedule that I already had so that I was setting them up to succeed.

Guys, for real, this book is helpful.  It gives practical advice (with age-appropriate suggestions!) for starting children on chores and earning money so they learn financial responsibility.

Here are my summer documents if you are interested.  Grace gets 15¢ per point, … Read the rest

Teaching My Daughter’s Beauty

My sweet, tender Grace.  She’s my mini-me.  Knowing this helps when she comes to me with certain self-image questions.

While we were in the car together recently, she shared with me that her cheek bones stick out a lot, and her face is sort of shaped like a pentagon.  And maybe some kids might make fun of her because of how her face is shaped.

I said, “You know who else has cheek bones that stick out and a face shaped like that?  I do.”  And she smiled, because she knew it was true.  Then I was able to share … Read the rest