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I Was Dating Someone Last Week

Last week was our annual “kid-free break” when my parents take the kids for a few days so Chad and I can have a nice break.  Last year was my first year having this blog during tour break, and I got to read over the post before this year’s break.  I’m so glad I did, it gave me a good perspective going into it.   Last week was i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e.  It was restful and slow-paced and peaceful and I’m already thinking about what I want to do next year.  Let’s walk through it together, shall we?

Tuesday we went out to lunch … Read the rest

That Cute Drummer

Imagine, if you will, me at the age of 15.  I had my eye on this cute drummer.  He was tall and skinny with black curly hair.  He wore a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve shirt most days (this was winter) and his black Oakley hat.  He drove a blue Blazer.  He was the lead snare in the drumline (of which he was also the captain), and played the set in the jazz band.  *insert dreamy sigh here*

I loved watching him play, whether it was the snare or the set.  He made my little heart go pitter-patter.  … Read the rest

My Light Bulbs Are Bright

Men and women are just plain different, particularly in the way their brains work.  This difference is described in many ways.  Some say men are like waffles, women are like spaghetti.  Others say men are like a dirt path while women are like a major highway.  Chad and I use the term “boxes” – when his work box is open the others are closed and I can’t close the box for him.  On the flip side of that, my boxes don’t even have lids.  The book “Love & Respect” uses the word picture of twinkle lights (like Christmas lights) – … Read the rest

My Needs Have Changed

Chad is an incredible husband.  When he gets home from work, he changes his clothes then immediately jumps into family mode.  He does homework with the kids, or helps with supper, or does dishes – whatever needs to be done.  My teammate is home, and we are fully functioning.  THIS is what I have needed for a long time, and THIS is one way he shows his love for me day after day.  I needed to know we were a team, and that I didn’t have to bear this burden alone.  Then something terrible happened…. my needs changed.

I hate … Read the rest

Loving a Stubborn Woman, Part 2

There’s a Billy Joel song called “She’s Always a Woman To Me” and there’s a line in it that goes, “She never gives up, and she never gives in, she just changes her mind.”  I told Chad those lyrics one day and he burst out laughing.  I don’t think it’s so funny.  In fact, I think it sounds perfectly reasonable.

I was at a friend’s house a while back, and her husband said, “Here, you HAVE to try these.”  My friend quickly said, “Don’t tell her she has to, or she won’t.”  Am I really that bad?  Probably.  I then … Read the rest

Niceness Update

I wrote last week about being nice to your spouse, and I wanted to follow through with an update.  I think/hope I’m doing pretty well, knowing that I need to write an update was good incentive!

We did hit one speed bump last Wednesday at soccer practice.  It was freezing and raining and there were puddles everywhere and it was 90 MINUTES LONG.  The girls didn’t want to be there, we didn’t want to be there, and best of all, Eli didn’t want to be there – it was his practice.  He kept asking how much longer, he kept standing … Read the rest

Just Be Nice!

Why is it so hard to speak nicely to your spouse sometimes?  Is it because we live with them?  Is it because of the history?  Is it because we know how to push each other’s buttons better than anyone else?  I haven’t quite figured it out, but I’ve certainly witnessed it, experienced it, and been guilty of it.  But shouldn’t that be the person we’re nicest to???  Why am I nicer to my friends than I sometimes am to Chad?  It’s not right.

“Oh Janna, you’re not the only one.”  That doesn’t make it acceptable, that makes it an epidemic.… Read the rest

Loving a Stubborn Woman, Part 1

In Small Group last week we discussed times where we didn’t obey God right away, but eventually agreed.  I have a list of such times.  Perhaps you don’t know me very well… I’m stubborn.  Sometimes it’s because I know I’m right.  Sometimes it’s because I think I’m right.  Sometimes it’s because you don’t have the authority to tell me I’m wrong or I can’t.  I’d like to think that as I mature I’ve learned to rein that third one in.  (Although it’s what helps me mother Ada – now you understand her a little more!)

Anyway… whenever the Holy Spirit … Read the rest

I’ve Been Sick (subtitle: My Husband is Awesome)

Today is day five of no appetite.  I try to make myself eat something, because I still need to function, then I always feel a little queasy.   It’s like I’m living in the “day after the stomach flu” world.  I’m tired, weak, and my back and stomach muscles a-c-h-e.

I’ll get to Chad’s awesomeness in a minute, first dig through the mud with me.
It started Tuesday.  I didn’t sleep well the whole night before, then I woke up Tuesday morning, got up planning to make everyone breakfast as usual, but instead got right back into bed.  I … Read the rest

Fighting With Purpose

Our church is doing a series on “Fighting For Marriage”, and this week is about fighting.  It inspired some thinking…

Chad and I don’t fight a lot.  Our last really big one was probably last spring.  Honestly.  We have random pointless “skirmishes” about dishes and sharing the work-load like anyone else, but I’m talking the big, yelling, take a break and come back to it later fights.  We used to fight more, and about less important things, but we’ve learned how to fight with purpose through our 11 1/2 years of marriage.  So in this post, you’re getting my introspective … Read the rest