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What did you do in Kansas?

I had the great privilege of going to Kansas with my dear friend Sheri and her daughters to spend four days with her two sisters and sister-in-law at “Sister Camp”, which was really four days at her sister’s home doing what we wanted when we wanted.  My kids went to Grandma & Grandpa’s for a week and had camp of their own, while Chad had the house to himself.

I keep getting asked, “What did you do in Kansas?”  I then have a moment like JD on Scrubs where I tilt my head back and to the side, and images … Read the rest

My thoughts on “having it all”

I read an interesting article recently about the struggle for women to have careers AND families, and I realized that I don’t like the phrase “have it all”.  Well, really I guess I don’t like what it means.  This phrase suggests that in order to “have it all” you must have a successful career and a family.  So women who don’t have children only have half?  Or women who choose not to work only have half?

What if we reframed it?  What if…”having it all” meant being successful at your chosen life.  Maybe the single woman who works full-time and … Read the rest

It’s a tricky thing, having a blog

I currently have three blog posts sitting as “drafts”.  Why?  Because it can be tricky having a blog.  Each of these posts just might offend some people, particularly the people who inspired me to write them.

If you have a blog, you know what I mean.  If you’ve had a blog post written ABOUT you, you know what I mean.  Something that made me mad, something that hurt my feelings, something that makes one relationship particularly close (therefore not another), something I want to give counsel to anonymously… things that are on my mind and heart, but will be left … Read the rest

I don’t need you

I don’t mean YOU, I do need YOU.  Today I’m thinking about THINGS I don’t need.  Please to enjoy.

  • I don’t need you, Fine China.  I have three children, so when do really expensive, really breakable dishes become handy?  When I want to feel fancy we get out candles and cloth napkins.  Done.  That’s as fancy as I get.
  • I don’t need you, Valentine’s Day.  My husband loves me well year round, so don’t go marketing yourself all cheap and easy like with flowers and chocolates.  A gift he doesn’t have to put thought into isn’t a gift I want.
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What happened when we saw something horrific

On the way home the other evening we came upon an accident immediately after it had happened.  Apparently a car pulled out in front of a motorcycle, which then ran into the car and sent the driver flying.  We saw the driver of the motorcycle laying on the road face down, not moving, with blood running out of his head.  We had no warning that it was coming or I would have had my kids look away – instead we all saw him.

The kids immediately panicked and asked if that would happen to them.  What if we get in … Read the rest

Smile – you’re older!

Today I’m thirty-two.  No, I don’t consider that old.  But I know people who do.  I’ve known people who have struggled with turning 25, or 30, or 39, or 40…  Here’s my take on that.  You can’t stop it.  You have no choice.  Yes, you’re allowed to struggle with it and take some time to adjust, but ultimately you don’t get to choose whether or not your age  changes.  You can choose if you take care of yourself and enjoy the ride.

So on my birthday, I thought I’d take a look at myself at 32.  Aren’t you lucky? 🙂… Read the rest

Happy Birthday, Grandma

Today is my Grandma’s birthday – Helen Harms.  I think she would have been 79 years old, but I’m not certain.  My Grandma was an awesome lady.  She didn’t take anyone’s nonsense, but she wasn’t afraid to tell you the way it was, stranger or not.  She raised her seven kids, then started daycare in order to help those kids with their kids.  She didn’t let children be mean or disrespectful to their parents in her presence.  She loved Jesus, and everyone knew that also.

When she died Grace was just over 4 months old and I was 2 months … Read the rest