You are Enough

I hear so many moms share the struggle of having so much to do, and so little time.  I visited a neighbor who just had her third baby and said she hadn’t figured out yet letting her two- and four-year-old play outside while needing to care for a newborn.  I’ve heard others share about laundry, housework, crafts, creating special moments for their families… and on and on it goes.  There is so much on our list, from what is required in order to keep our Littles alive, to what is on Pinterest that we feel we should (but let’s be honest, won’t).

I remember when I had my second baby, my first was just eleven months old.  I hardly left the house, housework was not even on my back-up to-do list.  There were many times when I would make cookies or something just so it was visible to my husband that I had done something that day.

Taking care of children isn’t a visible accomplishment.  They get fed, changed, cleaned up, and repeat.  Laundry isn’t a visible accomplishment unless I point out the emptied baskets.  Which I may or may not have done on a regular basis…

I wish I could knock on my neighbor’s door and tell her everyday that taking care of her child today is enough.  You fed your child.  You loved on your child.  You cleaned up after your child…so many times.  You cleaned up bodily fluids.  Some of that was probably on you, from them.  You taught manners.  What you are doing is more than enough.

In the not too distant future, these Littles will be able to help clean up their messes (hallelujah!), and your load will get a little lighter.  But today, you are doing enough.  YOU are enough.

Great job today, momma.