Wednesday Wit: July 24, 2013

I’ve been alone with Ada this week…

Ada: I wish Grace and I were twins.  Then we would have the same birthday, the same color eyes, dress the same, and wear the same headdresses.
Me: What’s a headdress? (curious if she actually knew)
Ada: It’s a dress.
Me: Oh.
Ada: Wait, wait, wait.  It’s what you wear in your hair.

After shopping at Target for her 7 1/2 birthday party since I can’t get my act together for a Christmas-time party
Ada: I think I should try this out.
Me: The birthday sash?
Ada: Yeah!  I need to make sure it fits…I might also need a birthday dress.

Ada: I think I’m part black person, part white person.
Me: I think you’re just really tan.
Ada: OK…. (in her “I’m not buying it, but I’ll go along with it just for argument’s sake” tone)

Me: I could use a nap.
Ada: Well…not until we get home right?
Me: Yes, I won’t take a nap while I’m driving.
Ada: OK good, because I do NOT have a driver’s license!!

Me: Do you really need TWO suckers before dinner?
Ada: Well I don’t need THREE suckers before dinner.


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