My Heart is Hurting

My heart is hurting for other moms right now.

For the single mom who doesn’t have help coming at 5:30pm every night like I do when Chad gets home.  Truly, I don’t know how she does it, and she is a hero.

My heart hurts for the mom with a new baby who can’t stop crying and doesn’t know why.  I was that mom seven years ago and I had an amazing support system, but what about the mom who doesn’t?  Or the mom who doesn’t know she needs one?  Or the mom who doesn’t have one available to her?  My heart hurts for her.

And my heart hurts for the mom who had a miscarriage and has to delay the feeling of holding her baby for the first time.  Make no mistake, she is a mom.  She has a momma’s heart now – it’s just that no one knows it, and I imagine that that can be a lonely feeling.  I can’t pretend to know that feeling, and I won’t dishonor them by trying to.  All I know is that my heart hurts for them very, very much.

So friends, my heart hurts.  And I have to wonder if it’s the Holy Spirit tugging on it, asking me to help them.  I don’t know how or what or when, but I will pay attention to it.  And I will pray for those moms whenever they come to mind.  Please pray for them with me when they come to yours.


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