Can This Wait?

Now that school has started, so has my new schedule.  I work on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday while the kids are at school and I’m off on Monday and Friday.  Well, off from my paying job 🙂  I chose Friday this year instead of Wednesday because I’m trying to plan on things that I know will happen anyway – like children who need to be home sick and snow days.  If those happen midweek I can just go to work on Friday instead, and hopefully I’ll be less likely to stress out.

Back the point of my post.  I’m learning the value of distinguishing between that which can wait and that which cannot.  It turns out that many things can wait until my day off – errands, phone calls, online to-do’s, etc.  And when I give myself the freedom to let them wait, I can breathe so much easier.  For example, we really need to either switch dentist or switch dental insurance company.  So I spent three hours yesterday going to our dentist office, calling other dentist offices, calling our current dental insurance, and calling other dental insurance companies.  It was awful.  I’m still recovering.  But getting it done yesterday was so much better than breaking it up into small, manageable chunks in between work and homework and dinner preparation.  By letting it wait until my day off I had it pretty much done by lunch time.  And it’s d-o-n-e.

I am well aware that some of you don’t get days off.  Some of you don’t have the luxury of children in school all day.  I remind myself of this regularly so I don’t take it for granted.  I just wanted to share my revelation of calmness – finding pockets of time and moving my to-do’s there where they will just have to wait for ME.  Because my time is important and I want to use it the best I can.