Wednesday Wit: April 11, 2012

Ada: Don’t you want to color an egg?
Me: I pretty much just want to eat mine.
Ada: Ok… suit yourself.  I guess you won’t have much fun.

Eli: This Lego set is only 12.99!
Me: Awesome!  Do you have 12.99?
Eli: Well I DO have 99 cents!
Oooo… almost. 

Grace: We get to listen to Narnia in the car!
Ada: Ohhh – I HATE Narnia.
Grace: Why?  It’s funny and there’s adventure!
Ada: Well…I like funny stuff…and I like adventure…so I guess I like Narnia!

At the doctor’s office…
Me: You’ll need to take your shirt off when the doctor comes in.
Eli takes his shirt off right then.
Me: Wow pal, that was fast.
Eli: Well really, everyone should be good at taking their shirt off, they do it every night.
He then looks at my slip-on shoes.
Eli: Mom, why don’t you have tie shoes yet?
Me: I do.  I just decided not to wear them.  Don’t worry, I know how to tie my shoes.

Ada: I know what to look at to tell if it’s windy.
Me: Oh yeah?  What’s that?
Ada: The trees, the grass, the flowers, the shoes in the power lines…


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