Christmas. by the Orlikowski Littles

Grace: Well, Mary was pregnant with a baby, so she went to Bethlehem.  She couldn’t find a home in the city to have a baby so went into a stable.  Then Jesus was born.  And Mary wrapped the baby in clothes.  And then there was a star up ahead and an angel told the shepherds where baby Jesus was.  A king sent his three wise men to kill him, but instead they praised him and gave him presents.

Eli: Christmas is about celebrating Jesus since he was born and he died on the cross for us.  Jesus was pregnant…. I mean, Mary was pregnant with Jesus.  Then that same day Jesus was born.  And then the king sent his men to find him and kill him, but instead they gave him presents and worshipped him.

Ada: Christmas is about giving presents and being cheerful and being thankful for your presents and celebrating Jesus’ birthday.  So we get to worship at church to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.  That’s all.

Merry Christmas, friends!  Thank you for choosing to spend your precious time reading about our little family.  I’m so thankful that we’ve found an amazing church that partners with us every week, reiterating to our children the true meaning of Christmas and Biblical values throughout the year.  I’m thankful that most of our amazing baby-sitters are also their Sunday School teachers, which gives me even more confidence leaving them in charge of my home on a Saturday night.  I’m thankful that many of our closest friendships began at church – friendships that share the bond of loving Jesus are deeper friendships.

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